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5 Cool Techniques for Research Paper Paraphrasing

research paper paraphrasing

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Research Paper Paraphrasing: Avoid Plagiarism and Credit Sources

A research paper is a sizeable document in which you have to present your argument and ideas towards a topic. It is important that you know how to paraphrase accordingly as this can add relevance and quality to your paper. The main goal of your research paper and thesis paraphrasing is to create a sense of importance to your topic while adding arguments and ideas from other authors. Ultimately, by paraphrasing you will be able to showcase that your research paper is truly a vital part of interest in your chosen field.

Top 5 Quick Tips and Examples of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is different from quoting and summarizing and understanding the difference can create a huge difference in your paper. Here are top 5 best research paper paraphrasing techniques that you can use:

research paper paraphrasingReading and understand the ideas of another author is essential in effective paraphrasing. Always make sure that you never include your analysis and personal opinion in the paraphrased version.

research paper paraphrasing helpTranslate the specific passage you want to use using your own words, writing style and different sentence structure. Do not just use thesaurus but write what the author would like its readers to know.

research paper paraphrasing serviceYou can also flip the sentence for proper research paper paraphrasing. You can start from different sections of the text or moving from beginning to the end and vice versa.

research paper paraphrasing toolTo avoid simple approach towards research paper paraphrasing, you can vary the introduction of your sources by using attributions like, “according to” and “concludes that”.

research paper paraphrasing onlineInclude citations in research paper paraphrasing. Even if you have successful created your own version of the passage, acknowledging your resources is still the main point in paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism.

Here are few examples of paraphrasing:


In the ninth season, Taylor was officially called to be terminated from his social responsibilities but he continues to ignore the sanction and remained as Tom’s trainer and sister.


Despite being relieved from his functions in the ninth season, Taylor persists to train and teach Tom while still playing a sister role.


Any trip to India should include a visit to New Delhi to sample their excellent curry.


Make sure to include a New Delhi curry tasting experience when visiting India.


“Another useful method for locating source material for a particular topic is to check the library shelves or catalogue for books having the same classification number as other books to which reference has been made.” (Anderson & Poole, 2001, p.12)


Anderson and Poole (2001) advise that looking for books with the same call number as an identified reference may help in finding more information on a specific subject.

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