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How to Paraphrase a Poem

online help on how to paraphrase a poem

How to Paraphrase a Poem

In paraphrasing a poem in contrast to paraphrasing sentence, there are some special considerations you need to do. You need to ask yourself if it’s better when you directly quote instead of paraphrasing it. If you think that, the poem is better to be expressed in original words, better to retain it in keeping the strength of the poem.

Below is an example of paraphrasing a poem.

Original Poem

From All the Jails  

By: Emily Dickinson

From all the Jails the Boys and Girls

Ecstatically leap –

Beloved only Afternoon

That Prison doesn’t keep

They storm the Earth and stun the Air,

A Mob of solid Bliss –

Alas – that Frowns should lie in wait

For such a Foe as this –

Paraphrased Poem

From every one of the Correctional facilities the Young men and Young ladies

Delightedly jump

Adored just Evening

That Jail doesn’t keep

They Tempest the Earth and daze the Air,

A Swarm of strong Euphoria

Oh dear that Grimaces should lie in pause

For such an Adversary as this-

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Tips on Paraphrasing a Poem

  • In paraphrasing a poem, you need to be familiar with the message. Otherwise, you are required to read it again until you get the main idea or you get the message that is trying to give to its readers. Check this out!
  • Read the poem thoroughly and if possible do it for a couple of times in order to absorb the language and message. Check for words that you can’t understand and rely on a thesaurus. It helps you in getting the right meaning of the poem.
  • Consider the form, style, and technique that the poem has. For example, you need to consider the structure and the syntax that is used in complementing the content.
  • Be sure to interpret the section or stanza at a time. You need to restate every stanza’s main action and idea. You need to express it with the use of different words except for stanzas or words that can’t be changed or better to express in original words. For words that you can’t paraphrase, ensure to quote it without changing the meaning.
  • Assume the tense and voice of the poem is authentically representing it. If the speaker uses past tense and first person, then you also need to use past tense and first person when you are paraphrasing.
  • Avoid evaluating, analyzing or criticizing the poem. Do not include your own comments, opinions or ideas in the poem because it is not a paraphrasing anymore. You just need to restate the words using your own words and don’t include any information or ideas that can’t be found in the poem.

When you need to rewrite a poem, be sure you know how to paraphrase a poem properly. The tips above will be your help so that you will not much struggle on what you should do. The tips for paraphrasing an article, essay, website and others find on our paraphrase service website.

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