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How to Paraphrase an Article

how to paraphrase an article correctly

How to Paraphrase an Article

Paraphrasing an article is about taking a small portion of details from the original source at the same time reproducing the ideas with the use of your own language. This process is appropriate when you presented the idea in useful ways. When you paraphrase, you need to make the idea understandable in ensuring that your new version of the article will flow smoothly. Also, you can use paraphrasing text online tools, read more on our website.

Things to Remember While Paraphrasing an Article

  • In paraphrasing article, you need to do well. You need to have knowledge about the right step to avoid mistakes as well as plagiarism. You need to make sure you put your best and exert much effort to satisfy the readers. Here is a helpful guide for you in paraphrasing!
  • Preserve the idea of the original article and reproduce the main ideas using different words. Your paraphrase must not change the meaning of the article. You should not alter the meaning or else you are creating another story.
  • You need to change the structure and the wording of the article thoroughly. It is important to take the details and reproduce the main ideas using your own language. Sometimes, this is difficult but it is important to do. To avoid mistakes, you should read the article several times in understanding the meaning. After that, begin to compare the original article to what you have written to make sure about thoroughness.
  • You should avoid replacing the original text with synonyms. The result is somewhat not good that is why it is better when you use words that are perfect.
  • Avoid paraphrasing large amount of details at a time because the right thing is that you paraphrase only with small details. With the use of your own words, you need to analyze the sentence transition and information. Be sure to keep your ideas clear and concise.
  • If you paraphrase more than one sentence, make sure you are indicating clearly, where you begin and when it ends.

In paraphrasing, you need to have the same length as the original text because if it’s shorter, you might leave important details. If your paraphrase is longer than the original, you add additional information. If you do not want this to happen, it is better when you learn some tips to guide and helps you how to paraphrase an article. Our paraphrase service website is a great ability to learn more about paraphrasing.

Let’s use our tips for paraphrasing an article!