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Tips on How to Paraphrase in an Essay

how to paraphrase in an essay professionally

How to Paraphrase in an Essay

A paraphrase is different from a summary and quoting. The process in paraphrasing is different because you provide details from the source but you should make it using your own words. Use our paraphrase service and you’ll know perfectly how to rewrite the base text.  If you want to know the right step in processing, here is what you need to do.

The Main Rules on Paraphrasing Essay

  • In paraphrasing in an essay, you should do it correctly. You should avoid making mistakes to avoid plagiarism. It is important that you do your best knowing all the things you need to do in paraphrasing for yourself and for your reader to be satisfied.
  • In paraphrasing essay, you need to read it carefully. You need to read it for a couple of time so that you understand it and get the meaning. You should also check words that are not familiar to you to know the meaning of the essay.
  • Underlining and identifying the key words are important. You need to know about the main ideas of the text and jot down it. It is necessary to write it for you not to forget the important phrases or key words that you should include in your paraphrasing.
  • You need to read the essay as a whole. You should not just read it by sentence but you are required to read it as a whole. You need to think also, of what structure you will use as well as grouping the main ideas. Be sure to arrange the sequence of the text in making sure it will flow paraphrase for me smoothly.
  • You need to think about the attitude of the author whether it is supportive, certain or critical. You should think of appropriate verbs you can use in describing the attitude.
  • Think of phrases and words you can incorporate into your new version that has the same meaning as the original text. Keep in mind that if the key words are specialized vocabulary, it does not need to be changed instead use quotation marks.

What to Avoid Paraphrasing Essay

  • Avoid using the same sentence structure
  • Don’t change just some words to synonyms
  • Don’t forget to mention the original source
  • Avoid taking the whole phrase from original source without quotation
  • Do not change the original thoughts

If you know how to paraphrase in an essay, you can start creating your new version. Just be sure that you are doing the right thing to avoid mistakes. You can use synonyms, change word forms and reorder main ideas in paraphrasing. You can use our paraphrase online service.

Read these tips and paraphrase in an essay correctly!