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You Are What You Write: Stop Plagiarism

Plagiarism is on the rise but there are many ways for you to avoid submitting an erroneous content. Stop plagiarism now by learning how to properly paraphrase text or asking a paraphrasing service for help.

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Stop Plagiarism: Statistics of Plagiarized Content Online

With the abundance of information online, it can be easy to plagiarize content. In fact, there are many cases of plagiarism even by famous personalities. Up until now, many thinks that the main source of plagiarism are paper mills and cheat sites but did you know that majority of duplicated content comes primarily from legitimate sites? Out of more than 33.5 million papers, there were 128 million content matches from variety of written work that were somewhat plagiarized by web sources. Here are top 5 of popular sites and their percentage of plagiarism:

  1. Wikipedia – has 7.99% matched text out of all the analyzed papers.
  2. Yahoo Answers – coming at 2nd place is Yahoo Answers where it has a 7.55% of plagiarism.
  3. Answers.com – has 3.37% cases of plagiarism
  4. eNotes – 2.9% content matches of plagiarized content
  5. Slideshare – has a stat of 2.38% plagiarism in their site

Top Categories and Popular Sites with Plagiarized Content

There are many techniques used to stop plagiarism online but many popular sites still offer unoriginal content. In fact, highly visited sites like Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, Answers.com, Slideshare, Oppapers.com, Scribd, CourseHero and MedLibrary.org are riddled with duplicated texts. The following are percentage of where plagiarism is most common online:

  • Social and content sharing sites – 31%
  • Homework and Academic Sites – 23%
  • Cheat sites and paper mills – 20%
  • Traditional online publications – 12%
  • Encyclopedias – 11%
  • Other sources – 3%

Easy Solutions Online to Effectively Stop Plagiarism

If you are writing any document, make sure to never plagiarize as this compromises your credibility and authenticity. There are easy solutions available online to stop plagiarism. In fact, many sites offer paraphrasing help to avoid any form of plagiarism. For the majority, it is truly stressful to create an entirely new content but this is possible by getting necessary help online.

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